LIFE IS A JOURNEY! It is a PROCESS worth working at!

30 Day Character Challenge!!!
1.  Talk to someone today you never have before.  Find out SOMETHING about them.  At the end , tell them it was nice to talk with them.
2. May a difference in someone’s day today it could be anything. ( tell someone you don’t know they look nice or compliment something about them.)  SMILE at someone new today.
3. Write someone a small note today of how much you Care.  Why are they special and significant. Sign it or don’t , your call.  No texting needs to be an actual handwritten note!
4. Pray for an “enemy” today.
5.Try to go throughout the day without gossiping ( or listening to gossip) once!!!!
6. Sit by someone today at Lunch that you have not sat by before.
7.Tell someone today why you like/love them.  Why they are a special, important, and significant person.  Do this  IN person. No Note. No email. No text.

8.  Don’t cuss today.  AND Go throughout the day without judging one person look at each person love. 

9.  FORGIVE 5 people today . One of which you tell. 

10.  Ask for Forgiveness from 2 people today.  No sarcasm

11. Be a leader today. Stand up for someone or something today. It could be scary, do it anyway. 

12. Don’t make fun of ANYONE today.

13. Put an extra effort towards your schoolwork, your office work, your parenting, or a friendship today.  A REAL extra effort.  Good luck

14.    Realize how important you are to someone today.  Write 5 things down that are special about you, put it someplace where you can find it.

15.    Be uncomfortable today.  Do something that scares you!!

16.    Discipline yourself so others don’t have to.

17. If you are good at making excuses then you are seldom good at anything else.  Go today without an excuse for ANYTHING!!!! I Dare you

18 Tell your parents something that you really admire about them. If parents are not available a relative  or a neighbor.

19 .   Give someone a word of encouragement or hope today!!!

20.  Be a great follower today get behind someone that is leading and do all you can to support them.

21. Give someone a word of encouragement or hope today.

22. Ask your  parents to tell you a story from when they were a child. Make sure its one you’ve never heard before. Ask them questions about it .

23.  Put  extra effort into your schoolwork, your office work, being a friend, or your parenting today.

24. Do something unexpected today for a friend.

25.  Compliment someone you don’t know today.

26. Be of extra help to your parents today, Your spouse today, your teachers today. Don’t say anything about it just do something they will appreciate. Do not expext anything in return.